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CANCELLED ..... FGC Silly Games Night - 20th December 2018


I’m sorry to have to announce the CANCELLATION of the annual FGC pre-Christmas Silly Games Night on the 20th December☹️☹️☹️.

The Old Finchleians is STILL not ready apparently. I suspect they are also ‘disappointed’ as they had a big event arranged for the 16th (as a pre-cursor to ours, obviously).

The latest ETA to go back to the sports club is now 3rd Jan 2019.

What is suggest is that at some time in the early new year we host an FGC VERY Silly pre-Christmas Games Night, but we can decide that once we are back.

Just to repeat.

THE FGC Silly Games Night on 20th December is CANCELLED.

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 15:52:59 by Ian Pearson

Return to the Old Finchleians - all change !

The new return date to the Old Finchleians is now:

3rd Jan 2019

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 15:51:47 by Ian Pearson

Temporary Venue: Leisure Games

While our usual venue is being renovated, we are meeting at Leisure Games - Thursday evenings from 6:45PM until 10:45PM.

Massive thanks to Mike for letting us use the space!

Posted Saturday 20th October 2018 12:13:44 by Richard Fisher

22nd November

Games Played.

I think the weather played a factor in a slightly lower list this week. It was bl**dy awful.

Posted Wednesday 28th November 2018 13:21:44 by Ian Pearson

15th November

Games Played.

I could add ‘KeyForge’ as there was an event at the same time, but I won’t – that would be cheating ;0)

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Including the new attendees I think, so we hope to see you again.

BTW, the proposed FGC Silly games night events are (LG vouchers to the winners as usual):

With the new website coming on-line, I’ll ask if we can have a ‘sign up’ system set-up. This saves a huge amount of time on the night and maybe means that I won’t be rushing round like the proverbial ‘blue arsed fly’ all evening.

I would imagine there will be lots of chocolate and baked food provided by our wonderful membership as well as the usual raffle for LG vouchers and possibly some games from the cupboard to make space. Mind you, no-one has seen the games cupboard for quite a number of weeks now ….

I sense a new game: ‘The Quest for the Lost Cupboard’, based on real events!

Posted Sunday 18th November 2018 13:51:16 by Ian Pearson