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I have been given two dates the main hall is available.

They are both currently temporarily ‘reserved’ for us, so I’d like some quick feedback please.

The dates are:

Personally, I think 4th June is too far away, but the 7th May is the day after the Coronation of Charles III and the Monday following is a Bank Holiday (which may of course make it ideal).

Bookings are apparently arriving rapidly at the Old Finchleians, so please comment as soon as possible.

I have promised to indicate one of the two in the next few days.

Posted Sunday 5th March 2023 17:32:00 by Ian Pearson

I've started enquires for a single Sunday event at the Old Finchleians.

12:00 to 22:00, sometime after March.

Suggested cost would be £10 (double the normal Thursday rate for more than double the hours.)

Who doesn't want 10 hours of gaming in a good environment, with good company and a cheap bar?

As we haven't done one for years, could I have your thoughts please.

Posted Sunday 5th March 2023 17:30:58 by Ian Pearson

November 10th

Previously on Nov 10th:

In 1674 then Dutch formally cede New Netherlands (New York) to the English.

In **1989 ** the Germans begin demolishing the Berlin Wall.

And in * 1673** Michał Wiśniowiecki, King of Poland (1669-73), dies at age 33.

Now you know.

Games played in 2022:


A quiet week. Where are you all?

Posted Thursday 17th November 2022 15:44:24 by Ian Pearson

Price Rise

So the results of last night's EGM are that we are increasing the attendance price to cover the increase in price for the rent of the venue.

New prices are £5, or £3 for concessions.

Posted Friday 22nd July 2022 08:24:14 by Graham Charlton


We have had another COVID infection reported, probably picked up at the FGC last Thursday.

We have been slowly relaxing the rules as of late, but please be sensible.

If you can, all those who attended last Thursday (14th July), please take a test and if you feel unwell do NOT attend the meeting tomorrow.

The rest of you, take a test anyway before attending.

COVID has not gone away people and the infection rates are rising rapidly again.

It can still be a DEADLY disease and the affects of LONG COVID are not to be sneezed at! (Sorry, a very bad taste joke to get the message home.)

Posted Wednesday 20th July 2022 09:58:59 by Ian Pearson