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Since we've been reopened we've been running the club under emergency measures which puts us in an awkward spot with regards the club constitution. Especially as we're getting to the point where we need to be starting charging everyone again.

So the plan is:

Next week (28th October) - we will have an AGM. We'll be taking membership fees and will debate a few issues. Basically agree how we'll be running the club in the short term.

The week after (4th November) - we will start taking money again towards the hall hire. Exact numbers to be agreed at the AGM but we'd like to keep it simple. A flat rate for everyone, accepting that we'll continue to lose a small amount each week whilst numbers are down.

Next spring (whenever the AGM was normally supposed to be) - we'll have an EGM to debate everything properly. Fingers crossed things will have improved massively between now and then.

If you're not going to make it this week and have any concerns you'd like to raise please reach out to Graham or Ian before then.

Posted Saturday 23rd October 2021 12:39:21 by Graham Charlton



The bar at the FGC is operated by volunteers. As you can imagine at the moment, there is great difficulty in finding people to maintain the rota.

For that reason, there are some temporary changes to the way the bar operates at the FGC. Here are the new rules.

  1. The bar will close at 8:30
  2. Up to that point, the bar will operate normally.
  3. As 8:30 approaches, all glasses MUST be returned to the bar.
  4. It is perfectly permissible for members to bring their own glasses/containers for consumption beyond 8:30.
  5. A bin will be provided for bottles and other rubbish. Please use it.


It has been brought to our attention that there has been a breech of the COVID 19 rules in place at the FGC. They are in place for our safely and I urge you all to refresh yourselves as to what they are and to consider how you can perform the required test before attending (FREE lateral flow tests from here: )

The FGC operates primarily on trust and the good sense of its members to keep general regulation and enforcement as light as possible. The LAST thing we want to do during the pandemic is to bring in a system where we will CHECK if the rules have been followed. EVERYONE would hate to have to do this, not least the committee.

Posted Monday 4th October 2021 11:23:23 by Ian Pearson


After a few attempts, the FGC is finally reopening on *Thursday 9th September, albeit with some restrictions (see below).

It has been a very long road to get to this point and it is very sad to say that not everyone who was with us at the beginning of the journey is here at the finish line. They are deeply missed.

We are still living in unprecedented times. The first global pandemic since the start of the modern age and it’s not been good.

So, lets celebrate the first baby steps out of the bunker into this Brave New World (words chosen carefully).

BTW, today in 490 BCE, the Battle of Marathon took place between the invading Persian army and the Athenians.

It is a little know fact that Philippides ran to Sparta to ask for help from Athens BEFORE the battle. A distance of 140 miles over two days.

AFTER the battle, the Athenian army quick marched the 25 miles back to Athens to see off a Persian flanking manoeuvre.

The two events have become conflated into the popular myth of the heroic run and final victory cry.

Who said “History is bunk”?

(Actually, Henry Ford never used those words …)


The following is the rules/guidance we'll be setting for those attending club in the foreseeable future. Remember above all of it though to be kind to those who may have had a completely different experience of the past 18 months to you. If someone you are playing with is feeling uncomfortable then do what you can to help.

  1. Don't come to club if there is any evidence you might have Covid!

    We'd like you to take a lateral flow test before attending, ideally in the prior 24 hours but if you're taking regular twice-weekly tests anyway then your normal cadence is fine. Also, regardless of what the test might say please don't attend if you have any of the symptoms of Covid or if you have been in recent contact with someone infectious. If you need to get yourself some lateral flow tests, they are free and can be ordered from here:

  2. At the venue please ensure you set up your table a good distance from everyone else. Be proactive in moving your table a little if needed to keep everyone spaced. We'll review the space available over the next few weeks and, if we think we risk overcrowding, we'll be setting attendance limits and issuing tickets.

  3. Keep to your table. Wherever you end up playing games for the evening, stay there. Please accordingly try to accommodate whoever is at your table if your game finishes and you start a new one. It would also help if people could plan games ahead of time. No more than 6 people per table.

  4. Wear a mask (unless exempt for medical reasons) whilst moving about the venue. You may take your mask off whilst at your table but please wear it the rest of the time.

  5. We'll be keeping the windows open for airflow - please don't close them.

  6. Hand sanitiser will be provided by the club. Please use it.

  7. The games cupboard will not be in use for the time being. Please speak to Graham or Ian if you have any personal property in there that you'd like to reclaim. Accordingly bring games you'd like to play.

  8. For the first couple of weeks we'll be treating this as an EGM (like silly games night) and won't be charging for attendance. In that period, we'll be working out how best to charge attendance without using cash. We'll be doing table sign-in with a separate form per table. So, in other words - no need for the entire club to mill around Alan.

  9. If you have a positive Covid test in the week following your attendance at FGC please let us know so we can ensure those you were playing with are informed.

Obviously, we'll review the above rules regularly. Some of you will thing the above too cautious, some of you will think it not cautious enough. Please give us feedback and please don't give us reason to have to eject you. If you really disagree with above just let us know and then don't attend.

Posted Wednesday 8th September 2021 09:57:33 by Ian Pearson

Latest Covid Update

As per the government's announcement today we will not be reopening on the 24th of June as originally planned. We are now aiming to open on the 22nd of July. We'll update you all with more information nearer the time.

Posted Monday 14th June 2021 21:21:12 by Graham Charlton


In this Age of Heroes; Capt. Tom Moore and Monsters, President Donald J Trump, the FGC will continue it’s suspension until further notice.

This will come as no surprise to anyone, given the recent statements from the Government and the current world situation. Disappointment, yes, but there can be no doubt it is the correct course to take.

When the initial suspension was announced four weeks ago no decision had been made regarding the AGM, normally held in the first half of May. It has now become clear that this meeting will need to be postponed until the FGC has resumed normal operations.

The FGC AGM will now be held on the third week following the recommencement of regular club meetings, whenever that may be. All current memberships will continue to be valid up until that time, when, as normal, they cease to be valid and will need to be renewed.

(Remember, FGC members get an extra 6% (above the current 10%) on all on-line orders from Leisure Games.)

Once we have restart date, we will seek to replace the cancelled Sunday meeting with another as soon as possible, obviously subject to the calendar commitments of the Old Finchleians.

AS stated in the previous post, this page will still be active and monitored if people have questions or just want to check in.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay indoors.

Posted Thursday 16th April 2020 13:30:53 by Ian Pearson