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The FGC AGM will take place on the second Thursday of May, the 12th May 2022, to be exact.

The first for a number of years.


We need to discuss how the FGC goes forward after the events of the Pandemic.

Not least how the club is to be financed, as many models have been proposed and need to be aired in front of the for a decision.

If you have something that you think needs to be formally discussed, then please put it in writing and give it to one of the committee so we can add it to the agenda.


Generally, the AGM follows this pattern.

(NOTE: For formal proposals, the proposer makes a statement. This should be seconded. Counter proposals can at this point be made. They should also be seconded. Then a free form question and answer session will take place.)


(Please note: it is also within the remit for the Chair to decide that you should finish speaking, if they deem that a point has been sufficiently made. This should be executed and received in a timely and good humoured manner.)

The FGC constitution is available on-line and should be consulted for specific regulations.

If you have questions (especially members who have never experienced an FGC AGM), please ask them and we will do our best to answer.

Posted Sunday 1st May 2022 10:51:30 by Ian Pearson

Another FGC member has tested positive for COVID and was probably infectious while at the latest meeting.

They did maintain mask discipline, which will minimise the risk somewhat, but I urge all members who were at last Thursday’s meeting who are feeling ‘off’ to take a test.

It brings home just how close COVID is to us all and I must once again stress how important it is to keep to the FGC COVID rules at a meeting.

In a nutshell:

At the FGC we have a number of members classed as ‘vulnerable’ (me included), so your consideration is much appreciated.

Posted Sunday 27th March 2022 10:43:49 by Ian Pearson

Covid Rules

Since we're starting back up again this week it's time for a quick reminder of the more significant Covid-related rules we're running the club under.

  1. Take a LFT before attending and don't attend if it comes up positive, you have any Covid symptoms, or if you have been in recent close contact with a confirmed positive case.
  2. Spread out the tables to make sure we make the most use of the available space.
  3. Once you've started playing please stay with that group of people for the rest of the evening - i.e. no table mixing.
  4. Wear a mask whilst moving about the venue. It's fine to remove it whilst at your table.
Posted Monday 31st January 2022 11:04:11 by Graham Charlton


Now that’s a title to conjure with.

I will be running a Bushido RPG game at the Finchley Games club for at least the next four weeks.

I have four players so far and I’ll take a max of two more.

Characters will be created and rules explanations given on this Thursday, to start the game the following week.

‘Bushido’ by Fantasy Games Unlimited is my second favourite RPG game.

It is based upon a medieval like Japan, but in a classic ‘Heroic’ style, with magic, monsters, religion and wonderfully weird (to Western minds) Japanese monsters of myth and legend.

For example, to die ‘well’ (definitions vary) will allow the next character bonuses for having previously lived a ‘good’ life and ‘dishonour’ (definitions vary) may even bring level loss until that disgrace is rectified.

It is light, with few rules and the emphasis is action and the story.

Posted Sunday 24th April 2022 20:57:21 by Ian Pearson

Website Developer needed

Do you work in IT and build websites?

Do you play games at the FGC?

Do you fancy creating desperately needed, but relatively small, changes to our current website, THIS website?

If so, please contact the committee. (Think of the glory. Think of the power. Think of the prestige.😂)

The website has been the same for a number of years now and each time we have had a volunteer to sort it out, something got in the way.

The last ‘thing’ was the small matter of a global Pandemic.

I’d do it myself, but I have not touched Web development for 10 years and there have been a few changes since then and I’d probably just make a mess.

Posted Friday 18th March 2022 11:02:25 by Ian Pearson