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Finally, the FGC is back at the Old Finchleians. It’s been a long hard road (well slightly hard anyway), but we have now abandoned Leisure Games to its (highly successful) fate.

Thanks again, Mike!

To celebrate, we will be holding the postponed FGC Silly Games Night members raffle at 21:00, during the next meeting, Thursday the 24th Jan 2019.

Be there or be square! – or at least poorer. To win you must collect in person as the tickets are drawn.

Current prizes are Leisure Games vouchers of £50, £30 and £20, though we may throw in the three £20 vouchers that would have gone to the winners of the Silly Games Night tournaments.

The upgrades to the sports club are significant and welcome. Apparently, we were the first ‘adult’ group to use the hall and there have been a few teething problems. I have received some member feedback that I have passed on to the Old Finchleians.

Specific issues are addressed below, but I’d like to reassure you all that the Old Finchleians attitude is:

‘It’s early stages for the renovation, so let’s see how it goes. We can review after the first quarter.’

and I don’t think they can be fairer than that.


The echo in the main hall seems to be a problem. The Old Finchleans are aware of this. Curtains have been ordered and will arrive in early Feb. If this is insufficient, wall mounted sound dampening boards have been discussed.


The current storage location of the tables is clearly unsatisfactory. For the FGC as well as the Old Finchleians.

The situation is temporary and further building works are planned to create new custom facilities. (NB: This WON’T be substantial enough to kick us out again).


A little more contentious this one.

Currently the area to the side of the bar is not supposed to be used by the FGC and never was.

Officially, we rent the main hall, which gives us access to the bar and the changing rooms, but NOT the lounge area.

In recent times, we have crept beyond our paid for borders, but with the alterations, the Old Finchleians plans are to divide the hall/bar area and the new lounge space with a partition.

Representations have been made to extend the dimensions of our rented space and I’m sure it will be well received, but with no guarantee of success. Again, their attitude is, ‘Let’s see what happens’.

If we play nice with them, they will play nice with us.

Please continue to keep the committee updated with any issues or concerns that you have and we will endeavour to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Posted Monday 21st January 2019 20:23:51 by Ian Pearson

Return To The Old Finchleians Sports Club - Jan 18th 2019

FGC Location update

It is with great pleasure (and no small relief) that I can announce that the Finchley Games Club can now return to its venue of the past 28 years, The Old Finchleians Sports Club at Southover, Woodside Park.


Yes, on 17th Jan 2019 the Sports Ground will be open to receive us and I have to say the changes are excellent. I won’t say more, I’ll let you see for yourselves.

Due to the various problems, it does mean that there will be no Silly Games Night for Christmas 2018 this year. However, we WILL be holding the Annual raffle that normally takes place at SGN.

This will take place at 9PM on the Thursday following our return. (This is looking like Thursday 24th Jan – but no firm date until we are actually back, regular readers will understand why.)

So, just to confirm:


Posted Tuesday 15th January 2019 20:30:10 by Ian Pearson


URGENT UPDATE – So URGENT it’s untrue!


I’m sorry but the Old Finchlieans is STILL not ready for us tomorrow (3rd Jan). They keep getting told it will be ready and then being told that ‘Oh, it’s not quite there yet!’

I’ll leave it up to you to figure who is to blame, but the sports club is as cross as I am.

We ARE back at the (long suffering) Leisure Games shop until further notice.

Once again:

The FGC Silly Games night for 3rd Jan is CANCELLED !!!

I am so sorry.

Posted Wednesday 2nd January 2019 12:22:46 by Ian Pearson

CANCELLED !!!!!! (VERY) SILLY GAMES NIGHT 3rd January (old Finchleans Sports Ground)


This evening will be the delayed SILLY GAMES NIGHT scheduled for end of 2018.

This is a fitting return to the excellent venue we have used for the past 27 years.

The events will be:

‘Air Hockey’
The ‘Air Hockey’ will be a knockout tournament of 16 people, with games timed at 5 minutes, with a further 2 minutes overtime, followed by a golden goal period.

‘Quack Shot’
The ‘Quack Shot’ will be a league of four games per player, with a final comprised of the best four scores (Ties will require a ‘Quack Off’!)

‘Klask’ is an imported game very popular in Scandinavia, similar to the ‘air hockey’, but with magnets and ‘obstacles’. (So not like the air hockey at all then -[ED])

(Rules can be found here:

The tournament will follow the rules of the English Football Premiership (but with diving pushished severely).

10 players (teams) will play twice in games of 5 minutes and record their scores.

The two top players will then battle it out in a cup final, in a first to six goals game.

For each tournament there will be a £20 Leisure Games Voucher.

If you want to sign up (places tend to go quickly), post to this Facebook page, or message it. (If you know you are coming, please sign up in advance as it stops me acting like a blue arsed fly all evening.)

There is also a member raffle of £50, £30 and £20 again in Leisure Games vouchers. This will be drawn around 9PM and you must still be there to claim a prize.

The event is deemed an EGM so it’s free to attend and members are encouraged to bring cakes, chocolate etc. and to basically join in the events and have a jolly good time.

Posted Monday 31st December 2018 17:46:29 by Ian Pearson

December 20th

Games played:

"The time has come,' the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax
Of cabbages and kings
And other board game themes …. ”

(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)

Not a bad set of games, considering it was the FGC end of season event.

While there was a semi-party atmosphere it wasn’t quite raucous fracas that we normally have at that time of year, a la the Silly Games Night.

Well, I’m happy to announce that instead we are having a (VERY) SILLY GAMES NIGHT on 3rd January at the Old Finchleians sports ground. (Watch this space for the exact details.)

Yes, it has been confirmed that they are ready to welcome us back and it seems fitting that the first event is the delayed end of year FGC party, which is now the New Year FGC party.

I have checked and the roof is now on properly, which is the problem that prevented the planned fun and games for the 20th Dec. I haven’t seen the changes, but I have been told that it’s a complete redesign and that the changes are very good indeed. (If we are lucky, they may even have a tea and coffee machine).

The other thing that will be happening tomorrow (1st Jan) is that the number of Facebook pages for the FGC will be reduced by one. It has proved a little confusing having two, so some of you may need to reset their links.

This will leave the FGC with the Facebook page and the newly designed website, which should be excellent once the latest improvements have been fully tested and made live.

So just to confirm:


Posted Monday 31st December 2018 17:18:29 by Ian Pearson