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OK, it's no go/go decision time for the 6th August FGC ALL DAY SUNDAY GAMING

Please respond with Yes or No

For the Smart Alecks among you - that is the word 'Yes' or the word 'No' - NOT 'Yes or No'.

After the 'goat debacle' I'm taking no chances.

I'll collate on the Bank Holiday.

Posted Friday 26th May 2023 12:04:48 by Ian Pearson

FGC AGM – Thursday 4th May, 2023

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The Finchley Games Club Annual General Meeting,

We have to have one of these as the members own the club and it’s the place to make suggestions as to how the club is run and the direction it will take.

There will be reports from the Executive, elections to the committee, a discussion of the club finances including a conversation regarding membership and session attendance fees and then any other motions for discussion.

Finally followed by the (in?)famous ‘Any Other Business’ where the floor is open to any (sensible) topics.

Unless there are many things to discuss, it’s not usually a lengthy affair, leaving plenty of time to play games.

If you wish to stand for a position, please give your name to a member of the committee.

If you have a topic for discussion, then please pass it on to a committee member.

NOTE: FGC membership runs AGM to AGM and lapses at the end of the meeting, so you will need to renew.

FGC AGM AGENDA - 4th May 2023


If you wish to speak, please raise your hand.

The meeting Chair will then indicate when it is your time to speak.

All comments must be addressed through the Chair.

Please be as brief as possible, there may be many people who want to speak on a topic and while everyone WILL be heard, we are at the club to play board games, not administrative ones. At some point, if required, a vote may be called and the question settled by a simple majority, on a show of hands. (NOTE: Votes to change the FGC rules, need to be quorate, that is to say that there must be 2/3 of the members present to participate.)

NOTE: It is the right of the Chair to ask a member to stop speaking. This will be performed with good grace and it is expected that the member will reciprocate.

Of course, these rules are often interpreted broadly and the Chair will allow this to a point, so as to facilitate discussion. However, it is the right of the Chair to restore good order, if the general conduct has got ‘a bit rowdy’.

Posted Wednesday 26th April 2023 11:08:23 by Ian Pearson


On Sunday the 7th of May the FGC will be holding all day event, from 12 noon to 22:00 hours.

More than enough time so as to dust of that large, long game that never gets played because there is never enough time.

Perhaps 10 hours of that intense role playing session that does not need to have the tension broken by the fact that the lights have just been turned off as everyone else has headed home. Or just lots and lots of games in general.

The attendance fee will be double that of normal Thursday evenings, for more than double the number of hours.

We haven’t done an ‘All Day Sunday’ for a number of years now, so lets make it enough of a success so we can start holding them regularly.

To recap:


£10 members, £12 non-members, £5 concession.

Posted Wednesday 19th April 2023 13:56:40 by Ian Pearson


I have been given two dates the main hall is available.

They are both currently temporarily ‘reserved’ for us, so I’d like some quick feedback please.

The dates are:

Personally, I think 4th June is too far away, but the 7th May is the day after the Coronation of Charles III and the Monday following is a Bank Holiday (which may of course make it ideal).

Bookings are apparently arriving rapidly at the Old Finchleians, so please comment as soon as possible.

I have promised to indicate one of the two in the next few days.

Posted Sunday 5th March 2023 17:32:00 by Ian Pearson

I've started enquires for a single Sunday event at the Old Finchleians.

12:00 to 22:00, sometime after March.

Suggested cost would be £10 (double the normal Thursday rate for more than double the hours.)

Who doesn't want 10 hours of gaming in a good environment, with good company and a cheap bar?

As we haven't done one for years, could I have your thoughts please.

Posted Sunday 5th March 2023 17:30:58 by Ian Pearson