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Temporary Venue: Leisure Games

While our usual venue is being renovated, we are meeting at Leisure Games - Thursday evenings from 6:45PM until 10:45PM.

Massive thanks to Mike for letting us use the space!

Posted Saturday 20th October 2018 12:13:44 by Richard Fisher

11th Oct - 18th Oct

11th October

Games played:

Give the ‘cosy’ environment, WOW! It seems our diminished location circumstances don’t seem to be holding anyone back. Marvellous!

Again, thanks to Mike Berry of Leisure Games for permission to use the shop. Take TWO gold stars Mike.

18th October

Games played:

Another great list.

The news from the Old Finchleians is that the place is ‘dry’ and they are currently awaiting instructions from the Insurance people as to the next steps. Hopefully this means we can soon return.

I certainly hope we will be back in the main hall in time for the annual FGC Silly Games night before Christmas. The calendar dictates that this should be on the 20th December – the 14th is just too early.

Posted Monday 22nd October 2018 11:38:13 by Ian Pearson

Website redesign

Work is underway to overhaul the website completely, long overdue!

Meanwhile, find us on Facebook:

Posted Monday 1st October 2018 12:13:44 by Richard Fisher