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Plan B

Just to confirm - as Plan B is still in effect in England we will remain shut for the time being. We'll keep you posted.

Posted Sunday 2nd January 2022 18:16:57 by Graham Charlton

Plan B

In line with the timelines for Plan B, this week (tomorrow) will be the last club meeting this year.

There would otherwise only be one other meeting this year but it would take place in a setting where people were being asked not to go to work and we would all have to wear masks throughout the evening so it makes sense to cancel.

The next meeting after tomorrow is still planned to be the 6th of January - obviously we'll review that nearer the time. I think it's fair to assume that if Plan B is still in effect at that time then it will not reopen until the situation improves.

Posted Wednesday 8th December 2021 21:14:04 by Graham Charlton


In the light of recent developments just a reminder of a few of the club Covid rules. Please do follow them.

Posted Tuesday 30th November 2021 19:15:20 by Graham Charlton

End of year plans

The last club meeting of the year will be on the 16th of December. We'll then return on the 6th of January. There will be no Silly Games Night this year (although don't let that stop you playing something slightly silly on the 16th).

Posted Tuesday 16th November 2021 21:38:43 by Graham Charlton


A quick update on the relevant results of the AGM that happened last week.

  1. The next AGM will take place at the normal time next year. I.e. in about 6 months.

  2. It was proposed that due to the exceptional circumstances and the general low attendance to roll over the existing committee for the time being. Voted on and passed. So that's Graham, Alan, Ian, Chris, Kristof, Jon and Charlie.

  3. It was proposed that to keep payments as simple as possible that the membership, although still required, would be free until the next AGM. Voted on and passed. Please fill out a membership form next time you're at the club.

  4. It was proposed that, whilst the club would still be losing money, that a simple weekly flat fee from those attending (whether members or not) would be charged. That fee is £3. Voted on and passed.

  5. There is a problem with the bank account not being a 'proper' bank account, so it won't interface with the payment device. It looks like we'll have to continue taking cash for the moment. Alan to investigate moving our account to something more modern.

  6. We spoke about a number of other items, mostly around getting new members and attendance back up. In general it was agreed that most of this was relevant but not really appropriate until the immediate threat of Covid had died down a bit more. We can revisit all this next AGM. A few points were taken away to investigate ready for that.

TL;DR - It'll cost you £3 a week to come to FGC from now on.

Posted Wednesday 3rd November 2021 12:45:23 by Graham Charlton