Now that’s a title to conjure with.

I will be running a Bushido RPG game at the Finchley Games club for at least the next four weeks.

I have four players so far and I’ll take a max of two more.

Characters will be created and rules explanations given on this Thursday, to start the game the following week.

‘Bushido’ by Fantasy Games Unlimited is my second favourite RPG game.

It is based upon a medieval like Japan, but in a classic ‘Heroic’ style, with magic, monsters, religion and wonderfully weird (to Western minds) Japanese monsters of myth and legend.

For example, to die ‘well’ (definitions vary) will allow the next character bonuses for having previously lived a ‘good’ life and ‘dishonour’ (definitions vary) may even bring level loss until that disgrace is rectified.

It is light, with few rules and the emphasis is action and the story.

Posted Sunday 24th April 2022 20:57:21 by Ian Pearson


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