Since we've been reopened we've been running the club under emergency measures which puts us in an awkward spot with regards the club constitution. Especially as we're getting to the point where we need to be starting charging everyone again.

So the plan is:

Next week (28th October) - we will have an AGM. We'll be taking membership fees and will debate a few issues. Basically agree how we'll be running the club in the short term.

The week after (4th November) - we will start taking money again towards the hall hire. Exact numbers to be agreed at the AGM but we'd like to keep it simple. A flat rate for everyone, accepting that we'll continue to lose a small amount each week whilst numbers are down.

Next spring (whenever the AGM was normally supposed to be) - we'll have an EGM to debate everything properly. Fingers crossed things will have improved massively between now and then.

If you're not going to make it this week and have any concerns you'd like to raise please reach out to Graham or Ian before then.

Posted Saturday 23rd October 2021 12:39:21 by Graham Charlton


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