The bar at the FGC is operated by volunteers. As you can imagine at the moment, there is great difficulty in finding people to maintain the rota.

For that reason, there are some temporary changes to the way the bar operates at the FGC. Here are the new rules.

  1. The bar will close at 8:30
  2. Up to that point, the bar will operate normally.
  3. As 8:30 approaches, all glasses MUST be returned to the bar.
  4. It is perfectly permissible for members to bring their own glasses/containers for consumption beyond 8:30.
  5. A bin will be provided for bottles and other rubbish. Please use it.


It has been brought to our attention that there has been a breech of the COVID 19 rules in place at the FGC. They are in place for our safely and I urge you all to refresh yourselves as to what they are and to consider how you can perform the required test before attending (FREE lateral flow tests from here: )

The FGC operates primarily on trust and the good sense of its members to keep general regulation and enforcement as light as possible. The LAST thing we want to do during the pandemic is to bring in a system where we will CHECK if the rules have been followed. EVERYONE would hate to have to do this, not least the committee.

Posted Monday 4th October 2021 11:23:23 by Ian Pearson


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