20th February – The day of the first recorded wine auction in London

Games played:

On this day in 1673, wine auctions became a thing in London. Personally, I think wine is for drinking, not investment. But that’s just me, what do I know? Also, in 1962, John Glen becomes the 1st American to orbit the Earth, aboard Friendship 7. Fifty-eight years ago, so why do we not have a moon base acting as a gateway to the other planets? Humans are explorers. As a species, we are geared to wander and if we don’t, we suffer.

We are currently in an ‘eggs in one basket’ situation. Imagine if the coronavirus had a 90% fatality rate. We need to expand off the Earth for scientific endeavour, profit and extinction reasons.


Don’t forget, 10 hours of fun on Sunday March 22nd.

Starting at 12 noon.

The event is now posted on Facebook, so please let us know if you plan to attend.

Posted Thursday 27th February 2020 10:46:45 by Ian Pearson


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