31st November - All Hallows' Eve

Games Played:

On this day in history two events should be noted.

In 1648, King Charles I was captured by Parliamentary forces during the English Civil War.

More importantly, in 1487, the first ‘Beer Purity Law’ was instigated in Munich stating beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops.

At the FGC in London, nothing spooky happened at all, not even the games were ‘spooky’,‘Arkham Horror’ is WAY beyond ‘spooky’, so that does not count.

Needless to say, but everyone seemed to be having fun and I must give a call out the new people: ‘I hope you all had a great time and that we will see you again’

After all, after 28 years of being at the same venue, we aren’t going anywhere.

SILLY GAMES NIGHT – 19th December

I can confirm that the FGC SGN will be on the 19th December, 1 week after we know who our new Masters will be. [Shouldn’t that be ‘Employees’? – ED]

Despite that, there will be the usual fun and games: a member raffle, Air Hockey and Quack Shot tournaments with the usual Leisure Games Vouchers.

However, we need ideas for the third tournament. Currently it’s going to be ‘Klask’ if no-one has an alternative.

Members usually bring cakes and chocolate in quantity and people are encouraged (but not forced) to bring ‘Silly’ games to play. What constitutes ‘Silly’ is up to you.

I’m assuming the 3’ snow drifts predicted by the Express and Sun newspapers will not materialise. Even if they do, I expect you all to make the effort travelling. 😉

Attendance is free to all members as this evening will be designated an ‘Emergency General Meeting’. (‘Emergency’ as by this point in the Christmas shopping cycle, everyone needs a good dose of festive jollity.)

Posted Sunday 3rd November 2019 16:27:54 by Ian Pearson


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