20th June 2019 - ‘Twas the Eve of Midsummer

Games Played:

‘Twas the Eve of Midsummer
When all through the house,
Nothing was stirring, except perhaps a mouse
A little mouse with clogs on …..

Bzztt! Out of cheese error. Rebooting.

Reality will be restored in 3… 2….1

… and here we are again. Normal.

Well, what passes for normality these days anyway.

Nothing abnormal about the solid list of games this week, though I must be getting rusty as I don’t know a number of these games.

I blame the heat. Take care tomorrow people.

Don’t forget the FGC Sunday event (12-10) on 22nd September.

Posted Thursday 27th June 2019 10:20:24 by Ian Pearson


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