14th March

14th March – The anniversary of the Treaty of Ulm

Games played:

In 1647, the Thirty Years war is still raging and Bavaria, Cologne, France and Sweden sign the Truce of Ulm on this day.

A bit longer than our exile from the Old Finchleians, but sometimes it didn't feel like it.

Great games and great people.

p.s. Maximilian I of Bavaria broke the true a year later ….

FGC Annual General Meeting 2019, May 9th

The FGC AGM will take place on May 9th, the second week of the month as usual.

It will thus be free to attend the FGC on that night, provided you take part in the meeting. While we are not going to twist any arms (we can’t afford the ‘security’ staff) you really should be present. If you don’t turn up to have you say, then how can you say anything for the rest of the year.

It’s your main chance to talk about anything affecting the club. Given the ‘fun and games’ we have had this year, I suspect it may prove lively.

As usual, officers will be elected after (brief statements). Please note, there is currently a vacancy for an ordinary member. For those who are new to the FGC, there are 3 executive officers and 4 ordinary, so that the Executive can always be outvoted at committee meetings.

The meeting should be conducted in a spirit of consideration and fairness. If someone is speaking, then let them speak. If you wish to add to the conversation, raise your arm and the Chair of the meeting will point to you.

If you don’t do this, not only is it rude to over speak someone, it also increases the length of the meeting, which of course, decreases the amount of time to play games. Something no-one wants.

If you have something you feel should be put to the FGC membership, please give the topic to a committee member (with your name) and it will be added to the agenda. Please note, you will be given the privilege of opening the debate on the topic when it is called.

Finally, at the end of the meeting, membership fees become due. Currently £10, with a £5 concessionary rate.

Posted Tuesday 19th March 2019 12:53:37 by Ian Pearson


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