STACKING LIMITS EXCEEDED !!! and Sunday April 28th – FGC Sunday event cancelled.


Please look at the photo of the table against the wall on the FaceBook site.

Is this reasonable? Is this safe? Does this display any understanding of the concept of ‘sensible’?

I’m not going to name names as I feel that this MUST be an aberration. On the whole members of the FGC are just not that daft. Or am I wrong?

OK, I know the storage area is far from ideal and there is often a rush at the end of the evening, but please be patient if the room is full of people. DON’T just dump and run.

The table as positioned could easily have fallen on someone and injured them.

Not only that, it might well have taken a shower head with it. How do you think the Old Finchleians would have taken to having to deal with another flood? It would hardly help our cause as we negotiate with them during the period of adjustment to the new facilities.

Next time, please use your loaf.

Or any other toastable ‘bready’ products. I’m sure no-one would like me to rebuild and bring ‘Talkie Toaster’ to the club and tape it to their head as punishment.

Sunday April 28th – FGC Sunday event cancelled.

There has been a mix up and the FGC is no-longer booked to hold a ten-hour Sunday meet on the 28th April.

We do however have first refusal on any Sundays that become free. Unfortunately, as the Old Finchleians are a Summer Sports club, a date cannot be guaranteed until The Autumn at the earliest.

If anyone has details of an alternative venue, with similar facilities for around £125 quid then please let the committee know. (BTW, I know this is a tall order for North London, but you never know. The Old Finchleians is a fantastic venue and we get spoilt.)

Posted Friday 8th March 2019 13:41:18 by Ian Pearson


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