CANCELLED !!!!!! (VERY) SILLY GAMES NIGHT 3rd January (old Finchleans Sports Ground)


This evening will be the delayed SILLY GAMES NIGHT scheduled for end of 2018.

This is a fitting return to the excellent venue we have used for the past 27 years.

The events will be:

‘Air Hockey’
The ‘Air Hockey’ will be a knockout tournament of 16 people, with games timed at 5 minutes, with a further 2 minutes overtime, followed by a golden goal period.

‘Quack Shot’
The ‘Quack Shot’ will be a league of four games per player, with a final comprised of the best four scores (Ties will require a ‘Quack Off’!)

‘Klask’ is an imported game very popular in Scandinavia, similar to the ‘air hockey’, but with magnets and ‘obstacles’. (So not like the air hockey at all then -[ED])

(Rules can be found here:

The tournament will follow the rules of the English Football Premiership (but with diving pushished severely).

10 players (teams) will play twice in games of 5 minutes and record their scores.

The two top players will then battle it out in a cup final, in a first to six goals game.

For each tournament there will be a £20 Leisure Games Voucher.

If you want to sign up (places tend to go quickly), post to this Facebook page, or message it. (If you know you are coming, please sign up in advance as it stops me acting like a blue arsed fly all evening.)

There is also a member raffle of £50, £30 and £20 again in Leisure Games vouchers. This will be drawn around 9PM and you must still be there to claim a prize.

The event is deemed an EGM so it’s free to attend and members are encouraged to bring cakes, chocolate etc. and to basically join in the events and have a jolly good time.

Posted Monday 31st December 2018 17:46:29 by Ian Pearson


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