CANCELLED ..... FGC Silly Games Night - 20th December 2018


I’m sorry to have to announce the CANCELLATION of the annual FGC pre-Christmas Silly Games Night on the 20th December☹️☹️☹️.

The Old Finchleians is STILL not ready apparently. I suspect they are also ‘disappointed’ as they had a big event arranged for the 16th (as a pre-cursor to ours, obviously).

The latest ETA to go back to the sports club is now 3rd Jan 2019.

What is suggest is that at some time in the early new year we host an FGC VERY Silly pre-Christmas Games Night, but we can decide that once we are back.

Just to repeat.

THE FGC Silly Games Night on 20th December is CANCELLED.

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 15:52:59 by Ian Pearson


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