Test event.

Test event.

Friday 15th March 2019

An amazing game. The best you’ve even played.

Created by Jeff the Grognard


Richard Fisher

Charlie Charles

Ian Pearson

Charmie Powell

Evil Bill

Benedict Blindt


  • Jeff the Grognard

    Game limit - 12 players. This game will last for ever and you will never be able to leave.

    Friday 1st March 2019 12:25:06

    Charlie Charles

    Bwahhhaahaaaa 😈

    Friday 1st March 2019 12:27:33
  • Charmie Powell

    Forever and forever?? Sounds great

    Friday 1st March 2019 12:42:01
  • Ian Pearson

    SO what IS the actual game we will all be playing for eternity?

    Monday 11th March 2019 13:57:03