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You head off towards Tintagel following in the footsteps of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall and his army. Your companions are Duke Ulfius and his retinue, Sir Lloren (David) and a knight called Sir Thebert who is in Ulfius' service.

For about a week you travel through a part of Logres you've never seen before. Rolling hills and farmland give way to thick forests and then the moors. Many motte and bailey castles and hill forts line the coastal road and you pass a few armed patrols before you end up at Tintagel. It looks a formidable castle, sticking out on a small penninsular and only accessible by one narrow road flanked by a deep, deep moat.

Your arrival is greeted with cheering from the people gathered there. Duke Gorlois warmly welcomes you all and he's prepped his people with a speech about "an honourable peace with the king" so you receive full hospitality.

At some point, some ladies in waiting appear and whisper something to Gorlois: His reaction changes and he quickly heads off, inside the castle. A woman appears at a balcony and you see Gorlois usher her back inside. Her face is veiled and you don't know who she is.

At this point, you can inspect the castle defences, do some general enquiries or do some investigating about Gorlois and the mysterious woman.
Nick Hughes

PBEM: Pendragon. It is the year 489 A.D. King Uther has decided to settle things with Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, once and for all. He leads his army westwards and at the border of Somerset and the Duchy of Cornwall he confronts Gorlois. You witness Uther and Merlin unsheath Excalibur and its light reveals hidden Cornish troops so that any conflict will go Uther's way. Gorlois asks for a sign of faith and Uther allows him to control all the land from the Duchy's border to the sea. Gorlois accepts and there is much rejoicing by both armies. The next day, Gorlois and his army return to their castles whilst Uther sends Prince Madoc North with a large part of the army to scout and harrass the Saxons up there. The other PCs have gone with Madoc. Uther wants to send a small diplomatic party to Tintagel to liase with Gorlois but he also has plans with the rest of the army under his command. Duke Ulfius asks you what you wish to do:
1. Stay with Uther and the army.
2. Go on the diplomatic mission to Tintagel
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