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Oliver Willis has not written anything! How disappointing...

Hi Oliver

i may miss this Thursday, I have an engineer coming out to my flat that day. If he finishes in time I will come through to gaming (although I will be late), however if it takes a long time I be too late and so have to miss gaming all together.

Hope the game goes well and hopefully I will be able to join you.

Neil Randerson

No worries if you can't make it. See you for zombies.
Oliver Willis

Zombies! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom...
Phil V

Sent you a PM
David King

Oliver, you asked about the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorers Ed. It is now released and in stock!
David King

Hi Oliver, I won't be able to make it tomorrow as I have been quite ill. Hope the session goes well Neil
Neil Randerson

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