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Staff at Leisure Games in Finchley Central, primarily at club for the RPGs (both as GM and player), but eager to trot out a skirmish style tabletop wargame on those rare occasions I'm not pretending some be someone else for a month!

PBEM: Pendragon. It is the year 489 A.D. King Uther has decided to settle things with Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, once and for all. He leads his army westwards and at the border of Somerset and the Duchy of Cornwall he confronts Gorlois. You witness Uther and Merlin unsheath Excalibur and its light reveals hidden Cornish troops so that any conflict will go Uther's way. Gorlois asks for a sign of faith and Uther allows him to control all the land from the Duchy's border to the sea. Gorlois accepts and there is much rejoicing by both armies. The next day, Gorlois and his army return to their castles whilst Uther sends Prince Madoc North with a large part of the army to scout and harrass the Saxons up there. The other PCs have gone with Madoc. Uther wants to send a small diplomatic party to Tintagel to liase with Gorlois but he also has plans with the rest of the army under his command. Duke Ulfius asks you what you wish to do:
1. Stay with Uther and the army.
2. Go on the diplomatic mission to Tintagel

email: ubercommando@gmail.com
Nick Hughes

Neil, I've sent a PM with some specifics on spaces in my games.
David King

David, am I correct in saying there is space in this game for a new player? If so I would be interested in getting into a WHFR game. Are you playing first or second edition? I have both rule sets but would help to know.
Neil Randerson

My God, the dice! The cold, unfeeling dice!
David King

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