About Gabriel Dunn

Hi, my name's either Paul, Gabriel or BrainedBySaucepans (Sauce/Saucy for short) depending on who you ask. I've had a long time interest in Roleplaying, but haven't had much experience beyond a couple of short D&D 3.5 campaigns. I'm also a LARPer, and was involved in founding a small LARP group (Green Cloaks LARP) where I tend to ref, monster and play NPCs.
The main reason I'd like to join is I want to get more involved in the world of tabletop RPGs. As mentioned above, I have a bit of D&D 3.5 experience, and I'm also currently involved in an online GURPS game, but that hasn't really got off the ground yet. In the log term, I'd relish the chance to try my hand at being a GM (I have some Paranoia books I've been itching to break open), but I have no real experience in this, so I'd like to get to know the group a bit first, and get a bit more experience under my belt.

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