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I'm a History MA student who is in for RPGs, board games and a lot of fun! Looking forward to enjoying a lot of RPGs becuase it's been way too long since I had a decent game.

Your Character sheet need to be altered as the allotted point for character gen was 17 and your character need 42 point. If you rolled the stats they also need to be rolled in front of me to confirm the stats. So if you wish to do that on Sunday or Thursday that would be cool. Also your skills need fixing as well . In pathfinder you are only allowed a rank equal to your level in a skill which is one in your case. I will check and see if anything else need to be changing. If you can message me a back round that would also help.
RichDee Sanchez

42 points! Maybe 'he' is three gnomes under a long coat pretending to be a human. Would explain why the 'paladin' doesn't wear standard armour.
Alex Dickinson

that would do it
RichDee Sanchez

2.47 Gnomes. It's quite messy under that coat.
Graham Charlton

RichDee Sanchez

Are we instituting 'gnomes' as a unit of point-buy? That might work, as 'heroic' (25 points) would then be very close to 1.5 gnomes. But I think we've over-valued them and a gnome should be worth 10 points, or maybe 5?
Alex Dickinson

I feel that the above discussion is size-ist and have lodged a complaint with the Campaign for Equal Heights.
Kristof Van der Auwera

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