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I work at M&S Wood Green. I'm up for any sort of games really, although, i am espically hoping to get involved in RPGs. I may as well, one day, hope to run a few board games like Talisman and Relic myself that is if i can get more Thursdays off that i currently have.

OK. Ive written up a pathfinder lady for your game. She's a lvl 1, human, two-weapon fighter built to prestige into duelist at lv7. So lots of small attacks with short swords. Vulnerable to things with DR or Will-save stuff. Only skills to speak of are acrobatics and ride.
I have spent all my starting gold on fancy hats and nets and a crossbow, so if you are planning on having us spend gold before we earn any - renting lodgings or something - i will have to drop some items before we start.

I kind of changed my mind from pirate to duelist theme - think three musketeers etc. so she's all about killing with flourish and style and capes flowing in the wind.
Chaotic Good - she enjoys freedom and free thinking and will break the rules of the state if she thinks that 'Good' is being set aside for 'order'

Serapina Valkier. Age 29
Raised in a family of wealth and finery, Seraphina enjoys riding, swordplay and reading. She has studied the sword techniques of masters from books and afar, and now sets off to the shattered city of Neverwinter to find a master of her own to study under. What adventurers await her?


If she doesn't fit the genre of your game, I am happy to tweak it all into place - the build could as easily represent a pirate despot or a captain of the guard or a mercenary.
Adam Hurst

tbh Neverwinter is the kind of palce where you could get anyone or every one so its all good you will get on great with my main character what will be in the game so cool
Benjamin Howard-buck

Hey, just to say we managed to track down some bottles of that mint tea we wanted, so you don't have to get us any.

Thanks anyway!
Skull Bearer

Hi Benjamin, re. Pathfinder character building: given that Pendragon's been cancelled again chances of me showing this week are reduced, but I may still turn up just to see people again as it's been a while... so it's 50/50 depending on how I things go on the day; I'll message you as soon as I'm sure one way or the other.
Alex Dickinson

ok its cool if not the ill sit in with Kristof Van der Auwera as he is walking Morgan through it as well
Benjamin Howard-buck

I will run you through character gen it is easy enough
RichDee Sanchez

ok thanks
Benjamin Howard-buck

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