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Cookie God!

Im looking forward to playing Pathfinder with u Graham still not set on my class though no idea how to build a Charater either so hopefully someone is gona walk me through it tomoz anyway
Benjamin Howard-buck

Whoever "NJB" is who is trying to set up an account, there appears to be a problem. Please get in touch with us at the club email address (click on About for details) and we'll try to sort it out.
Graham Charlton

That could be new Nick or Nick 4.0 who played Pendragon last week.
Nick Hughes

yeah, it was. We've sorted the bug and let him know to try signing up again.
Richard Fisher

GRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *growls*
Emma Hawkins

Under clothes, where do you think.... :p
Emma Hawkins

No spam here please evil Russian spammers. :)
Graham Charlton

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, a.k.a what I do on my Monday evenings...
Alexander Hay

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