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Hi Adam. Hope you're OK. Just to check: will you be running Guiding Light again, starting 10 November? If so, I'm in.


Glyphicker Couatl

Hi Dude,
Yes that is the plan. I'll drop everyone an email to check whos coming a little nearer the time too.

- Adam
Adam Hurst

Hi Mate,
Is there a way to add a game for a whole block or do you have to do it week by week?
Jeff Mindlin

week by week I'm afraid
Adam Hurst

my email = thrudthebarbarian@blueyonder.co.uk (of course!)

Q: I'm not looking to play evil, but would like to make an Ur-Priest - and pre-reqs for Ur-Priest include being evil and taking some crap eeevil feat. But I see no reason why Ur-Priests should be evil. They nick divine spell energy, but steal from evil as well as good & neutral gods, so should be no more "evil" than rogues or wizards (who "nick" spell energy from The Weave) in my view. Any thoughts?
Alex Dickinson

Sounds okay, but if you are going to be evil, at least go lawful evil, and stick quite rigidly to a code of conduct (at least while people are around to see it).
Adam Hurst

My e-mal is zellanddagger@hotmail.co.uk
Benjamin Howard-buck

My email is skullbearer5@yahoo.co.uk
Skull Bearer

hi Adam could you send the info about your game to me email is galeyjohn@gmail.com
John Galey

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