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Chris could my character be from outside the River kingdoms area?
Benjamin Howard-buck

It's possible. I have a vague idea of the surrounding provinces and areas, although not as much detail as I have for the River Kingdoms themselves. I can provide you with what I have another time.
Your character would need a good reason to come to the campaign area and unless you brought family with you you'd probably lose out on quite a few RP (and therefore XP) opportunities related to your family or hometown.
It's rare for anyone other than the Lightfoot Halflings to travel such a great distance as the roads are dangerous and the destruction of the Fall reshaped the world enough that the old maps are no longer accurate.
Christopher Blower

ok fair enough ill sitck with driftwood as my home town then
Benjamin Howard-buck

Chris are you still running your game tomoz
Benjamin Howard-buck

Hi Ben, unfortunately not, am in no fit state to run a game, hopefully be back to health and able to run it next week though.
Christopher Blower

no probs hope you feel better soon
Benjamin Howard-buck

Cheers for running this last night, Chris. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially being a coplete n00b to Deadlands and Deadlands Noir (and only having played one game using Savage Wolds). Cheers again. Mark
Toast Crumbs

Hi Chris, I'm Sorry to say that I have to work this Thursday so I wont be able to make it to the club this week. If you ever run either Dresden or rippers again though count me in.
Andrew Gibbs

Chris, I think my red and blue sets of poly dice ended up getting cleared away with your Savage Worlds stuff last week, if you could check for me. There should be a few D&D figures in the bag with them.
David King

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