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Kristof Van der Auwera has not written anything! How disappointing...

BTW NB SUPER IMPORTANT: Battletech this sunday, meet at game shop at 2pm and then we go to my house.
Alex Espinosa

hi kristof are you coming to the sunday day at club this month im gona run skyrim pathfinder again
Benjamin Howard-buck

Am back in london, so will be at the shop 28th :D
Adam Hurst

I'm having a birthday do Monday 11th in Hoxton, would you like to come?
Skull Bearer

Hey, it's Morgane. Just checking up if you're still up to meeting on Thursday for the Viking Shop. I have a friend who's also interested in coming. Not sure if you've met him, he came to one of the Sunday sessions.

There's been a Call of Cthuhlu game announced for next block. I've signed up already :)
Skull Bearer

The answer is most certainly yes ;)

Where do you want to meet up? Preferably somewhere near 11, since I have things to take care of before then.
Kristof Van der Auwera

Probably will be more around 1 or 2pm, as I've been working all week and will want a lie in. Say 1.30 at Wood Street station (E17)?
Skull Bearer

Kristof Van der Auwera

Incidentally: http://feeds.feedburner.com/WelcomeToNightVale

Skull Bearer

There doesn't seem to be much going being played on the 27th. Would it be ok with you if i run an extra week of pathfinder as you wouldnt be able to play due to the game you are running
RichDee Sanchez

Not a problem.
Kristof Van der Auwera

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