Well, Finchley is East of somewhere.


And that location is ……. the same place we have been for the last 27 years.

The FGC meeting on the 6th September will be at the Old Finchleians Sport Ground, Southover, Finchley!

The Old Finchleians have done a blinder and cleared the space so it can dry, apparently knocking down a few walls in the process. A temporary floor will be in place on Thursday so we are good to go.

A huge thanks to all who contributed to the process of finding an alternative venue. It was extremely rewarding to see you all step up to the plate so quickly. In fact, we had potentials investigated by the end of play Friday.

Give yourselves a huge gold star!

Your efforts will not be wasted. Should we decide to do any future events, then there is now a far better understanding of where we may decide to hold it.

Of course, this also means that the FGC on Sunday 16th September is also still happening.

Good times all round

Created by Ian Pearson (Sun 2 September 2018 12:40)

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