Games played.

  • Plague Inc.
  • Ghostel
  • Arkham Horror LCG: The Path to Carcosa
  • The Voyages of Marco Polo
  • Champions of Midgard
  • Great Western Trail
  • Las Vegas
  • Edge of Empire
  • D&D
  • Benedict's - Dusk City Outlaws RPG


  • Advanced Civilization
  • War In the Pacific
  • Campaign for North Africa.

A good set this week and I have to hand it to the ‘Great Western Trail’ table for also completing the last 3 in the list. That’s about 4 days worth of games in four hours. Way to go people!

Sadly, no games of ‘Return to OM’  ;0)

Oh yes, I can’t add any of the RPG games because no-one filled in their pink slip again. Seriously guys, we don’t have much admin at the FGC so make sure I have your submission before the end of the evening.

One new person, who seemed to have a really good time. Which, of course, is what we exit for.

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