Discussions have been had with regards to a Leisure Games /FGC joint ‘Play Some Games’ day at the store on a Sunday in October.

The idea is to demo some great ’gateway’ games to those not quite as into the hobby as we are.

The plan is to make a lot of effort to push the event in the local media etc., possibly have a discount for any games bought that day and generally have a good time.

Hopefully this will get some people to buy some games and then come and play them at the FGC.

We would need some enthusiastic volunteers to spend a Sunday (or part of one) explaining how the games work to people who may have never migrated away from Monopoly or Cluedo. Sometimes this can be tricky.

So what do you think?

Good idea? Or has my megalomania got out of control again? (Perhaps both?)

Does anyone have any suggestions or links to media or other organisations etc.

The bad news is that we will need to force the committee to hold a meeting. Yep people (you know who you are), you will have to do some work for the votes cast by the lovely membership at the AGM.

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