As a club we have been invited to demo games at Leisure Games on 3rd September.
So as to make it easier, I propose that we block the day into hourly time slots. In this way people can turn up whenever they want, for a set period and then do the other things they need to do on a Saturday.
If we get multiple people for a slot, we can organise a game for that slot. Not forgetting that the idea is to play games AND get people participating AND generate interest in the FGC AND sell some games for the shop.
If you want to turn up, please add your name in the format:
09:00-11:00:  Ian Pearson.
I’ll collate the names to a complete list every now and then.
So to start:
09:00-11:00:  Ian Pearson
16:00-17:00:  Ian Pearson

Created by Ian Pearson (Tue 23 August 2011 13:05)
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