Instead of endless (but fun) games of QuackShot, how about this for an idea.

We hold a mini tournament of games such as QuackShot (how could we NOT include it), Rebound, Crossfire , table Air Hockey (if I can find a 2nd hand table), i.e. all the old (quicker) classic action games.

Everyone would play each game at least once, with points awarded for 1st place downward (i.e. in a 3 player game the winner gets 3 points, the loser 1). These would then be totalled to give the finalists who would play two of the games drawn at random to decide the overall winner. (Ties being decided by number of 1st places etc).

I also think we should give the Chocolate Poker a rest this year. I enjoy it, but itís WAY too much to eat if you win and it does take up a great deal of the evening for the players.

So what I need from you quickly, is a list of likely games so I can source them from eBay and the like. What would be even better is if you actually have copies of said games you would be willing to donate for the evening (and possibly beforehand to ensure all the components work Ė see below).

Iím asking now because it may take some time to find WORKING copies of the games we decide upon. For example, I remember Rebound had rubber bands that eventually perished and the ball bearing mechanism of CrossFire used bent plastic to provide power which would eventually become soft.

I hope this has whetted your imaginations, so let me have some feedback please.

The games I have in mind so far:

Escudo (possibly)

Created by Ian Pearson (Sun 12 September 2010 11:52)

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