We'd all played this game before, but recollection of how it worked
was initially patchy. We were playing with the "Aristocrats and Pirates" expansion, which added to the depth of the game, with the additional board offering greater challenges and alternative victory conditions.

The game began slowly, but began to pick up once we all figured out what our goals were and began sailing to the various islands in
search of the resources we needed.Sailing seemed to be of less importance in the mid-game once sufficient resources were coming in to start building up the home base.

Later, once we'd mustered enough advances and courage, we ventured onto the expansion board to fight some pirates and seek greater riches (or in my case, try and steal all the good stuff to slow the others down, as I was so far behind). Towards the end, the outcome appeared inevitable, but got bogged down in some confusion over a minor aspect of the (translated) rules.

Overall, a good game, but could do with greater clarification of certain rules.

Created by Richard Fisher (Fri 14 March 2008 17:09)

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