Sandy and Alan had played this the previous week, but it was new to
Ian, Scott and myself.

I had my doubts as we began; the rules run-through and game presentation seemed a little dry, a bit too 'generic Eurogame' for my taste. It looked- well, a bit boring. My doubts were quickly dispelled however, after the first few turns revealed this to be a simple but deep game. Using a very effective rondel mechanic
and a set of option sthat were always competing for your limited resources, the balance between building churches, ships, property and trading really worked well, and the scoring mechanism meant we were kept guessing right up to the end about who was actualy winning. Our game lasted a couple of hours, but that was probably a lot longer than normal due to lots of sleepy newbies at the table.

A triumph of substance over style, and a game I'd certainly play

Created by Carl White (Fri 14 March 2008 17:07)

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