A new game for a number of the players this. There were seven of us playing, and although there was some finding of feet in the first game it didn't take too long to work out what was going on.

Richard was revealed as the traitor fairly early on in the first game, but it didn't do us much good. The knights found themselves swamped, in no small part due to losing the Excalibur quest early.

The second game was far better; we had more of an idea what to do, and coordinated or forces a little better. Although we managed to get a lot of white swords onto the round table we failed, partly due to King Arthur (me) foolishly getting himself killed battling catapults, and to a larger extent due to the role played by the traitor. The traitor managed to keep a very low profile throughout, Tas playing a very subtle game right up to the end. Once again Camelot was overwhelmed.

The game had a great oppressive feel to it, the forces of darkness seeming overwhelming at times. This is one of the better cooperative games I've played, and I'd certainly play again.

Created by Carl White (Fri 14 March 2008 17:04)

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