Live Action Role-Playing (LARP)

A few people in the club have asked about live action role-playing, so I thought I’d put some information here to tell you a bit more about it.

The system we play has its web-site here: where you can find an event guide and a rules download. Curious Pastimes (or CP) runs 4 big events a year. Each has between 600 and 1000 people playing. The players are divided into 8 factions, each with their own theme. (The Lions of Albion are mostly knights, the Wolves of Norsca are Viking-types etc). These factions have rivalries and tensions between each other but are generally on the same side when fighting whatever baddies are troubling the world.

There is as much or as little role-playing as you are comfortable with. You can play someone who is largely ‘you’ and wait around on your faction’s gate until something nasty comes along to hit. You can go out and find out about the rich background of the world by talking to people, you can trade, forage, steal, guard, be a diplomat, be a scholar, try and find out how to summon demons. – whatever takes your fancy. Its also easy to find a bunch of like minded people to join up with. You don’t have to be a combat-oriented character, but sooner or later combat will come to you.
The way it works is that each faction takes it in turns to supply people to the referees, who become monsters or npc’s to interact with the rest of the players. There is also a permanent monster crew. When there is a big battle, half the factions become monsters and the other factions play their characters. (there’s another battle on the next day so you can swap roles)

Combat is with realistic looking latex/foam weapons and is both exciting and safe. Magic also plays a big part and is cast by ripping of spell cards and vocally indicating you are casting a spell. E.g. “By the power of the elements I use air as my weapon and strike you (indicate target) down!” - Target then falls on the floor for a couple of seconds and your friends beat him into next week :P

As well as the big CP events, each faction runs one or more events in the off season. These can be banquets, parliaments, quests and suchlike. They have fewer people 30-50 usually, 100+ for a big one. They are quite nice for introducing your character and making friends and contacts when it’s not too busy.

Most people camp at the events – so you will need a tent to sleep in. The faction camps are collections of large tents and marquees – so if it’s cold or rainy you can still roleplay. You can bring/make your own food or buy it hot from vendors. There is an excellently run and very popular in-character bar at every event.

There’s usually clothes/weapons to lend to you if you fancy trying it out. You also need a character idea to start with, like – ‘a human scout’ or ‘an elven magic user’ or ‘a soldier’. (Don’t be too ambitious and be the ‘lost half-dragon son of a doomed prince with a secret destiny’. ) Other than that you need a free weekend, some enthusiasm and some cash!
We are always looking for new recruits, and anyone interested feel free to post questions or talk to me.


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