Baycon 2010

Baycon 2010 will be held at the Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford, from 1.00pm Thursday 8th April to 3.00pm Sunday 11th April 2010.

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As there is no victor ludorum at Baycon this year, Finchley Games Club have decided to run a small tournament.

This event is designed to test teams of four players across a range of board game skills. The games will test each player in planning, accounting, strategy, psychology and brinkmanship.


Puerto Rico
Hare and Tortoise


Each player will play each game once, facing three players from other teams, determined by the referee.
The start position for each game will be determined randomly by the players.
Points will be awarded as follows:

1st place = 5 points, 2nd place =3 points, 3rd place = 2 points, 4th place = 1 point

In the event a player cannot be found, at the referees discretion, the game will be started and the absent player will be awarded 0 points.

All the points from all the players will be added together to form a team score, which will be posted from the end of the second round.

Results should be entered into the score sheet provided.
All the games in one round will be completed before the second round is played.
After the final round is played, the winning team will be the one with the most points. If there is a tie, victory will go to the team who scored the most 1st places, then second places etc. In the unlikely event of everything being equal, a playoff game will be played, chosen at random from the list of four games.


In an informal event like Baycon it is up to the individual players to organise each game amongst themselves. However, in order to be fair to everyone else, please ensure that the first and second round games are completed by the time the referee has had his breakfast on Saturday morning.


Team signup sheets will be available at Baycon. Feel free to comment on this story, or in the forum if you need to find more players for your team.

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