This develops into a global campaign, fighting every type of dragon and their minions, using set characters - which you can develop as you want. The main campaign does not start until 4th level, so I’ve incorporated some start up modules to get your characters to that level. You start with one PC but will eventually end up with two as the party splits and head in different directions, incorporating the NPCs into Characters. These will be around from the beginning so you can choose and develop them also.

What you know of the world is this:

The world is a very divided place with nations sceptical of each other, but it was not always so, over a thousand years ago the Knights of Solamnia upon their good Dragons were the protectors of the free nations and drove back the evil Dragons and the humanoid races that had united under the Goddess of Darkness, Takhisis.

With the Knights triumphant the good Dragons left and have not been seen since and the world lived in peace until the Cataclysm, some 800 years ago when a fiery Meteor fell from the sky and destroyed a whole continent and plunged the world into darkness.

Famine and disease spread and the evil humanoids roamed in war bands until they pillaged and burnt out their own nations. The Knights became dishonoured and could not hold back the hordes until even the good nations went at each other for the meagre resources that were left.

With this darkness also came the great absence as the old Gods disappeared and Clerics lost their powers of powerful magic.

As time wore on, the blight lifted and trade started up again, but the world is still an unsafe place, with humanoids travailing far afield and in numbers.

You have lived your young lives in relative peace in the small town of Solace on the continent of Abanasinia, hunting, fishing and helping Flint with his Forge and his trading to neighbouring villages and towns. The area is peaceful enough but recently there has been an increase in strange goings on.

XP- DL1: Dragons of Desolation





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Current PCs are:
Sebastian- Sorceror/ Mage, with a disdainful regard for Raistlin and not afraid to show itRonan- Druid, Misanthrope with a disdain for humans even though he is one Tybalt- Fighte ...

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