Monsters and Other Childish Thingsis a game about a bunch of more-or-less ordinary teens living in small town New England. The less ordinary thing about them is that each has a big gribbly monster for a best friend, which is awesome. Of course it's the kind of thing that would probably get them labelled as 'troubled' or 'challenging' if a teacher found out, and maybe even as 'Specimen A' or 'Test Subject Y' if the government ever realised. Fortunately that hasn't happened yet.

This campaign piloted as an undead turkey themed Christmas special in December 2011, and returned in a similar vein in February 2012. The campaign will resume in August. For an in-depth summary of the plot so far see the story below.

The story so far

Bethlehem, New Hampshire, USA
Last Christmas our heroes stumbled upon a nefarious plot to terrify the townsfolk into becoming vegan. Vicky, the mastermind behind the scheme hoped that the sight of the ...

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