Characters on current mission:

DM: Dave B
Varion Lightbringer, Cleric of Pelor (Jon)
Einarr 'Finni' hálftrOll, northman Ranger (Alex D)
Robin Westmoreland, Bard (Nick H)
Andreas Quickfinger, Sorcerer (Alec)
Godfryd, Paladin (Nic III)
Clayton 'Vermin' Jessup, Rogue (Harriet)

Currently on other duties:

Tod Buttercup, halfling Cook and Sorceror (Stefan)
Litheem Hawksoul, elven Fighter (Russell)
Merinikes, Cleric of Apollo (Bjorn)
Denver, brainy Wizard (Scott)
Sebastian, Monk (Anthea)
Kuladin, Fighter (Il-Sung)
Killian, Fighter/wannabe-Mage (Sean A)
Michael 'Orcslayer' Smith, Fighter (Richard J)
Otto, Fighter (NPC)
Melvyn Bridgwater, Fighter (NPC)
Giant, war-dog (Einarr's animal companion)

Shirking duties via death:

Michael the Smith, Fighter (Nick C)
Humble Humble, Paladin (Gary)
Uraka, hobgoblin Fighter (Alexander)

Set in the World of Greyhawk (non-canonical), in the south west around Keoland. A long-running campaign with a wide variety of adventures including talking swords, perfume recovery, goblin removal, swamp exploration, lizardfolk cultural relations, urban undercover infiltration & rescue and mass-battles.

The tunnels (part 1)

Godfryd watched as his spit descended into the gloom, "That sure is a long way down" he opined. "We may be able to get down but getting up again is going to be a bitch."
We had jus ...
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The Infiltration of Westkeep

The Infiltration of Westkeep
*** Part The First ***
Report of covert mission carried out by the Madrigal Company's Special Operations Unit prior to the taking of Westke ...
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The affair of the mysterious murder attempt


Having recovered from the fight with the undead and the mysterious black garbed assailants the company is informed by Captain Arenius that there were several incidents targeting stables aro ...
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Attempted murder in the theatre.

Brevet corporal Andreas' view is as follows:-
1. The wife appeared to acting under a magical compulsion that was brought on by the effects of the mysterious runes acting in concert w ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (Continued)

Under cover of Denver’s Obscuring Mist, we retreated post-haste toward the relative safety of Westkeep, leaving poor Giant behind. I can only hope that Einarr’s ...
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First death of a member of the Madrigal Company

I have the sad duty to report the death of Uraka, a newly signed up hobgoblin supposedly with a military background, who was killed last night having his head ripped from his body by a ghoulish undead ...
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Andreas speaks to a friend

"Where has Giant gone?"
"Where has Giant gone?"
What the hell, who's that talking about Giant I thought to myself as I struggled to regain consc ...
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The Giant Hunt

Having cleared out the Temple of Obad-hai we were once again back in the theatre kicking our heels when we were informed that there was going to be a big party that evening across town and we were inv ...
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Temple of Obad-hai

The squad was happily lounging in the theatre, enjoying a well earned rest when new orders arrived. It appeared that we were to assist the paladins of the order of the Dragon to force an entry into a ...
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The Bishop, The Knights and the Castle.

Humble woke because someone was kicking him in the leg. He pulled the damp cloak close around his head, scratched at his unshaven chin and tried to go back to sleep. He could hear Vermin walking aroun ...
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Enemy at the Gates

Enemy at the Gates
"Guys, come and take a look at this", said Robin excitedly to the small band who had just sat down on the driest piece of ground they could find, ready to fight off all co ...
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The Battle of Rafe's Gallows

Having journeyed back to Great Bogs, after dropping off the Lizard Folk to the Slitherer tribe, we headed toward civilization. The Lizard Folk have decided not to join for ...
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The Journey Home/ Forward to Westkeep

The Journey ‘home’:
After a day’s consolidation, healing and recuperating, the party load up their gear and lead their rag-tag band out of the ancient city and back into the swamp, glad to get away f ...
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Einarr's Notes

Since Varion seems to have dropped his journal into the swamp, here's my notes on the last two sessions to be going on with. I hope to find time re-write them into more of Einarr's cultural learnings ...
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How divvy up monetary loot?

Different ways of splitting monetary loot:
Please give preferences, thoughts & suggestions below; I imagine this will be put to a vote at club some time soon.
Background: We were down to only 143s ...
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XP for the end of 'the Divine Alligator'

Varion 1822
Einarr 1822
Michael 1376
Andreas 2030
Tod 1464
Denver 1464
Otto 1464
Melvyn 1464
This has been adjusted for level, participation in events, and presence at the game. It includes the ...
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RoW Experience Points Table

Rumours of War Experience Point Summary Chart
Ongoing XP summary for the benefit of people who lose their sheets or can't count; figures from Dave B, kept up to date by Alex D.
Note that items 1, ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

The rest of the night passed without incident. We awoke in the usual mist of this dismal swamp, and surveyed our camp. No sign of the demonic lizards could be found, and we can only assume they were s ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

(Some time later. My journal was soaked, and Einar kept some scribbled notes. He is quite an excellent scribe, and he attributes this to time as some sort of clerk in his earlier years. He made some j ...
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Character Backgrounds

Varion Lightbringer, Initiate of Pelor.
Varion is the son of Willard and Keyda, a reasonably prosperous merchant and his wife. He is the third of three sons, the other two being Tarek and Joren. Tarek ...
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The saga of Einarr hálftrOll, part two

or "Cultural Learnings of Lizardfolk for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Keolandstan"
Varion has temporarily blinded himself with his sun-worship, leaving me to fill in this week's entry ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

We are now well into the frontier lands.To the west of Greenhaven lies Burle, the last civlised town. All the towns and villages hereabout are walled with militias, unlike those in the heartlands of K ...
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Rumours of War Calendar

(Greyhawk has twelve 4-week months, and four one week holidays every three months. We started in Harvester, which is the last month of one of these three month cycles, followed by the one week holiday ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

It is now some two weeks after the Night Of The Dragons. We have spent our time helping with the cleaning up operations within the city of Gradsul. With the populace healed and cared for, I spent my d ...
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The Saga of Einarr hálftrOll

Apparently Varion can't be bothered to write up the latest instalment of our saga, and despite him having nicked my notes on the matter expects me to do his duty for him! Bah. However at least my ...
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Flight of Dragons

The hidden face of the rider fell into a grin, a moment of elation. He stretched forth his senses; eager to savour all there was to experience on this night of nights. His heavy armour cut hard into h ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

Further conversations with Helen (who we found out to be the member of a gang of street-urchins called ‘The Hellcats’) indicated that an old wood yard was the hideout of this ‘Bug-Face’. She had the ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

Our journey back from Ashton was full of questions, as well as the relief of having recovered Farenes goods. What had happened to Esme and Chester? Had they eloped as some of us suspected? Why was Che ...
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Humble Humble's blog

Woke up.
Met the others.
Remembered I'm a paladin. Went back to temple and prayed a bit.
Met the others (again). The cook made some of his dragon business for breakfast. I gave my share to a beggar ou ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

Before we left the Abbey, I thought I should take the time to scribe several prayers that would enable me (or Robin, in a pinch) to channel the healing light of Pelor. I felt this to be a wise course ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

With their leader in full flight from a bellowing Finni, the goblins all paused. Finni took the opportunity to slam the secret door shut. “Best not head that way!” seemed to be the obvious phrase. We ...
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The Journal Of Varion Lightbringer (continued)

We managed to buy time for our magickers to rest up. I parleyed under a flag of truce with a representative of the raiders. I, for one, was surprised that the white flag was honoured by the Orcs. Coul ...
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Rumours of War

Humble Beginnings
You all had your individual reasons for signing on with the Madrigal Company at the recruitment drive in the town of Granforth. Their Commander, Lucius Arenius, was well known and ha ...

A Trip to the Big City

Having accepted Mr. McGuffy's offer of 'detached duty', our intrepid band raid the quartermaster's stores and set off to the great city of Gradsul. After taking in the sights the end u ...
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The Journal of Varion Lightbringer

Being the journal of Varion Lightbringer, Flame of Pelor and member of the Madrigal Company of mercenaries. I feel it is my duty to set forth those things that have happened in my time as a member of ...
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