The call has gone out, and heroes from across the Vale converge on the ancient dwarven city of Overlook. The orcs stir in the west, and every able-bodied man and woman is called upon to defend the mountain pass, Bordin's Watch.

Character Sheets

Morlan: Human Druid
Lenril: Elf Ranger
Falling Bird: Human Fighter
Beruthiel: Half-elf Warlock
Kalibhan: Dragonborn Paladin
Trimble: Halfling Rogue
Selanis: Eladrin Warlord
Belech: Tiefling Wizard

Shadowrift of Umbraforge (Conclusion)

Searching the Overlord’s garden of contemplation reveals nothing but an abomination in the eyes of Morlan. Rising another level, the party discover a prison cell full of wretched humans (and one dwarf ...
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Chapter 3 : Shadowrift of Umbraforge (part 6)

No bones about it, this was a combat session. Opening the door from the secret passage, the Death Parade found themselves faced by some very tough Shadarkai. Clever use of the new Wall of Thorns daily ...

D&D Scales of War back on!

Dear Russell, Bob, Jules, Stefan, Jon and Nicks H&C,
Carl has kindly furnished me with the campaign characters, so we are ready to go on the scheduled D&D date of Thursday Oct 22nd; continuing ...
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D&D Scales of War on indefinite hold.

Apologies folks, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to bow out of DMing the Scales of War campaign for the foreseeable future. Work pressures are leaving me short of prep time and pretty much burned out ...
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Chapter 3: Shadowrift of Umbraforge (part 3)

Quinn, badly battered last time out by fembats, heads back up to take some time out looking after the horses. Falling Bird and Belech head beneath the Happy Beggar in time to catch the rest of the Dea ...
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Chapter 3: Shadowrift of Umbraforge (part 2)

The Death Parade continue their investigations. With Haelyn’s assistance at the shrine of Erathis, the party are able to interrogate Willis, a new recruit to the Lost Ones, and dissuade him from takin ...
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Chapter 3: Shadowrift of Umbraforge (part 1)

The Death Parade return to Overlook, and are highly praised (and rewarded) for their actions by Elder Cadrick. It seems the orc hordes have broken and scattered, and a night of celebration is announce ...
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Chapter 2: Siege at Bordrin's Watch (part 6)

With Quinn checking ahead the party press on into the subterranean dwarven complex… straight into the waiting arms of a large gang of orcs. Also eager to join the fray are a pack of fire beetles, as w ...
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Chapter 2: Siege at Bordin's Watch (part 7)

The party begin the arduous ascent to the summit of the Nexus chamber. There, high above, a control panel awaits which will seal this chamber and flood it with scalding water.
However they have a num ...
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Chapter 2: Siege at Bordrin's Watch (part 5)

The Death Parade learn that the owner of the Mountain's Hearth, a dwarf named Reggan, had been under pressure from a local criminal gang, the Lost Ones, to pay protection money. Could they be responsi ...
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Chapter 2: Siege at Bordrin's Watch (part 4)

The party charge in as Quinn races out, and the ensuing battle is fast, furious, and very very deadly.
Things start well enough, as minions fall in their droves. But the orc beserkers who come chargi ...
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Chapter 2: Seige at Bordrin's Watch (Part 3)

Leaving Morlan and Falling Bird to guard the entrance to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, the party face off against shit-knickers and her orcish brethren. Hooting and cackling the vile witch prep ...
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Chapter 2: Seige at Bordrin's Watch (Part 2)

The Death Parade make their way down for breakfast minus a snoring Belech. There they meet a fellow calling himself Quinn the Bastard who wishes to act as their guide and perhaps even join their group ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 7)

The party regroup and set off in search of the remaining captives. Belech provides valuable insight into the magical nature of a necrotic sphere, but the party are too busy gagging on the magically au ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 6)

Reunited with the the party health and safety officer Falling Bird, the adventurers press on, and with the discovery of a young captive are able to set an ambush for the undead that patrol the area. D ...
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Chapter 2: Siege at Bordrin's Watch (Part 1)

The party awake to a grateful Brindol. The townsfolk are more than willing to provide them with guidance and to cater to their never-ending shopping list. Eventually the party move out, with Nessie th ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 5)

The party take an evening's rest, and in so doing meet a dwarven cleric, who challenges Selanis to a drinking contest. Leaving the two rescued citizens, Falling Bird and a puking Selanis behind the pa ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 4)

Scales of War Campaign Homepage
The darkened tomb began to glow with orange light as lava filled channels in the floor. Then two enormous lava brutes burst from the ground and strode towards the party ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 3)

Scales of War Campaign Homepage
The party rescue the dwarf Andronsius, who is able to guide them towards the chamber where he was interrogated, and where he last saw the acolyte Jalissa.
However ther ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 2)

Scales of War Campaign Homepage
Following the hobgoblin's map the party make their way towards Castle Rivenroar. But Morrik has led them into a trap: they are attacked by a viscious pack of Kruthicks. ...
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Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 1)

Scales of War Campaign Homepage

A quiet pint in the Antler and Thistle is rudely interrupted by a rampaging band of goblins intent upon bringing death and destruction to the town of Brindol. The par ...
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Chapter 3: Shadowrift of Umbraforge (part 4)

The party find themselves beneath the leaden skies of the Shadowfell. Here they discover a mercenary camp centered around a small fortress, known as Umbraforge. Posing as mercenaries or general low-li ...

Chapter 3: Shadowrift of Umbraforge (part 5)

After smearing himself in excrement Quinn embarks on a career as a rat on a stick salesman, a task to which he seems eminently suited. Certainly more suited than he is to talking his way past the dark ...
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