Hi everyone 

As some of you may know (mostly the D&D players) i am planing on  running a 5th ED D&D campaign soon i can now confirm that i should be ready to run at the beginning of the  September Block (I believe that is the 15th but don't quote me on that)

I will be running this campaign every 2 weeks over 2 blocks, so about 4-5 weeks in all, which i know is different to what some people are used to
I have a verbal agreement with Nic the Third that he will run something on the weeks that i am not available so those of you who are playing in my campaign will have something to play when I'm not there.

 I should be in on the 1st of September to confirm the details after which if all is well i will put the game up on the calendar.

If anyone is interested in playing please post on this thread so i have an idea of potential numbers

See you all soon


Benjamin Howard-buck

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