A Few Acres of Snow (2011)

Players: 2 - 2

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From treefroggames.com:
This will be our next two-player only game. It will cover the long struggle between Britain and France for control of what eventually became Canada.

Information sourced from Kris Hall's column on the now defunct BoardgameNews.com:

A Few Acres of Snow is a two-player, card-driven game about the French and British conflict in North America. It will be the next Treefrog game published after London, Treefrog's Essen 2010 game. The anticipated release date listed on treefroggames.com is March 2011.

The card-play contains a focus on deck-building, and similar to many card-driven wargames, each card will have multiple uses. The players have to chose only one aspect of the card to use when it is played. Each space captured by a player will add another card to the capturing player's deck.

Each country's deck has differing advantages:
For example, the British population advantage in the New World is created by giving the British player three cards that bring in colonists while the French get only one.

Graham Charlton

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Alan Beaumont

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Phillip McCaughey

I really enjoy playing this game. The way that a deck building mechanism, that is tightly integrated with the theme of the game, has been woven into a light wargame. Except it's not really a war game, it's about supply and logistics. It's a really nice package, cosmetically as well. It looks lovely on the table. I was aware of the issues with the HH but avoiding reading about it. I think that we did eventually work out how to roughly implement it after a number of games but probably not as efficiently as other, more proficient players. Still, the vague knowledge of this did funnel the British down this route and large areas of the board were rarely visited. Then we started to play the official variants and this opened up the game entirely. More variety, different goals, different tactics. I can't see myself tiring of this one.

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