Hoogspanning: Uitbreiding Benelux (2010)

Players: 2 - 6
Playing time: 120 minutes

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This exclusive Dutch expansion box for Power Grid includes the officially released Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe and Power Grid: The New Power Plant Cards:

Benelux: As the Benelux countries support ecological power, players may have greater opportunities to acquire such power plants. Also, oil is more available and coal less available in these countries.

Central Europe: As Poland has large coal supplies, coal will be much more plentiful than elsewhere in Central Europe. However, due to political stands taken by some countries, players may be limited in their access to nuclear power.

New Power Plants: This deck is a complete set of power plant cards for Power Grid that can be used:

in place of the original deck
paired with the original deck (to make for an unpredictable mix)
cards added to the original deck (to make the game as long as "Funkenschlag", game will end at 20 cities)
in custom mixture of the two decks (to create specialized decks) with any maps.


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