Cosmic Encounter (2008)

Players: 3 - 5
Playing time: 60 minutes

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In Cosmic Encounter, each player is the leader of an alien race. The object of the game is to establish colonies in other players' planetary systems. Players take turns trying to establish colonies. The winner(s) are the first player(s) to have five colonies on any planets outside his or her home system. A player does not need to have colonies in all of the systems, just colonies on five planets outside his or her home system. These colonies may all be in one system or scattered over multiple systems. The players must use force, cunning, and diplomacy to ensure their victory.

This is an updated version of the original Cosmic Encounter from 1977.


Cosmic Encounter

Graham Charlton

A masterpiece. FFG edition is a flawless amalgam of all the best bits of the previous versions of the game. Whether winning or losing I'm guaranteed a fun game. EDIT: Comment applies with 6 or fewer players, ideally 5. I am not playing with more than that again.

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Alan Beaumont

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Richard Fisher

  • Rated this 9/10

Vic Chatfield

  • Rated this 10/10
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Toast Crumbs

  • Rated this 7/10

Phillip McCaughey

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James Graham

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Neil Cavendish

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Shane Lam

I don't get this game at all.... maybe it's the people i'm playing with, but everyone gets fed up. VERY RANDOM LUCK BASED game. I hated playing it with more experienced gamers. I sold this but maybe buy again someday.

  • Rated this 4/10

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