Stone Age: The New Huts (2008)

Players: 2 - 4
Playing time: 60 minutes

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Data from BoardGameGeek
This expansion to Stone Age was released with the Spielbox - "Hans Im Gluck Almanach" magazine, which was released in September, 2008. The expansion contains 6 new huts which are shuffled with the existing huts. A number of huts dependent on the number of players are randomly removed from play, so the new huts may or may not end up in any given game.

The New Huts came together with the Carcassonne expansion Carcassonne: The Cult.

The English rules can be found here.

The huts are:

Wooden Hut (3 wood, 3 VP, grants one wood each round)
Clay Hut (3 bricks, 4 VP, grants one brick each round)
Stone Hut (3 stones, 5 VP, grants one stone each round)
Kindergarden (one brick and one gold, 5 VP, +1 people figure)
Workshop (one wood and one stone, 5 VP, +1 new tool)
Greenhouse (any three resources, 5 VP, +1 on food track)


Stone Age

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