Endeavor (2009)

Players: 3 - 5
Playing time: 90 minutes

Data from BoardGameGeek
A game of world exploration and empire building. You represent a European empire colonizing the Mediterranean and shipping to all parts of the world to increase the empire's glory and status in Industry, Culture, Finance and Politics. When a region opens up (i.e. the shipping lanes are full) a player can colonize, attack or retrieve resources from that region. The game plays easily as each turn a player builds a building giving him a special action or increasing one of his main statistics, and gets a number of people with which to activate buildings for special actions (Ship, Occupy, Attack, Draw or Pay). Increased skill in Politics allow the player to hold cards that help increase his statistics and glory.

Graham Charlton

  • Rated this 8/10
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Alan Beaumont

Impressed with it for 3, 4 or 5 players. No sign of 'perfect plans' yet and most mistakes are made for 'good' reasons. Splendid stuff. Final rating now. You have to think both tactically and strategically long term. Plenty of intelligent interaction. Just loses the quarter point for possible kingmaking concerns, but you should be able to avoid almost all of these by considering the big picture throughout.

  • Rated this 9/10
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Richard Fisher

  • Rated this 6/10

Toast Crumbs

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