Traveller: The Classic Games, Games 1-6+ (2004)

Players: 1 - 8
Playing time: 240 minutes

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The fifth volume in the Classic Traveller Reprints series from Far Future Enterprises. A book that reprints the six classic Traveller science fiction boardgames originally released by GDW, plus a set of miniatures rules. It includes:

(no series #) Imperium. The classic wargame of the Earth against the First Empire.

Game 1. Mayday. Starship combat. The Charles Roberts Awards Best Fantasy/Futuristic Game of 1978.

Game 2. Snapshot. Close Combat Aboard Starships.

Game 3. Azhanti High Lightning. A massive starship in the Imperial fleet. Includes game rules, deck plans, and Supplement 5. The Charles Roberts Awards Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Boardgame of 1980.

Game 4. Fifth Frontier War. The strategy of interstellar war.

Game 5. Invasion: Earth. The final battle of the Solomani Rim War.

(no series #) Dark Nebula. Another interstellar wargame using the Imperium system on a variable map. Originally published as one of 120 Series games.

Game 6. Striker. Rules for small unit battles across the vast spectrum of tech levels. The H.G. Wells Awards Best Miniatures Rules of 1982, The H.G. Wells Awards All Time Best Miniatures Rules for Science Fiction Battles of 1982 - Miniatures Rules.

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