PitchCar Extension (1997)

Players: 2 - 8
Playing time: 20 minutes

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Carabande Action Set and PitchCar Extension are two remarkably similar products, but each is only compatible with its base-game, and they have differing content.

Carabande Action Set

This expansion is only compatible with Carabande (but not PitchCar).


One hourglass-shaped chicane straightaway
One y-shaped chicane straightaway
Two 90-degree curves
One jump


Carabande (but not PitchCar)

PitchCar L'extension & PitchCar Extension

The differences between these two products are their box and content. L'extension comes in a plain brown box with a sticker, and Extension comes in a glossy red box like the PitchCar base set. Neither of these is compatible with Carabande.


Two straight pieces for crossroads
Four "tight" curves (with two sets of railings)
One "bottlenecking" curved rail straightaway
Two small jumps, with bridge and track piece to use as jumping-crossroad. *

* The original brown-box L'extension did not include the jumps but did include a second "bottlenecking" straightaway.


PitchCar (but not Carabande)

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