Terra Mystica: 4 Town Tiles (2013)

Players: 2 - 5
Playing time: 100 minutes

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A small free expansion, handed out to fans at Spiel 2013.

With this expansion you get four new town tiles.

Tile 1: When taking this Town tile, get 2 Victory points and move 2 spaces forward on each of the 4 Cult tracks. This tile provides 2 Town Keys.

Tiles 2 and 3 (double-sided): When taking this Town tile, get 4 Victory points. You may move the Marker on your Shipping track forward one space and get a number of Victory points as indicated on the Shipping space you move to.
As a Fakir, from now on, you may skip 1 additional space when doing a Carpet Flight.
Tile 4: When taking this Town tile, get 11 Victory points.

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