Entdecker: Exploring New Horizons (2001)

Players: 2 - 4
Playing time: 90 minutes

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[Careful: there are two similar games with Entdecker in the title. Don't confuse Die Neuen Entdecker (also known as Entdecker: Exploring New Horizons) with Entdecker, a different game. In short - if your Entdecker's board does not have a scout trail leading to native huts, it's not this Entdecker.]

A reworking of the game Entdecker, this game still starts with a blank game board that represents an unexplored sea. Tiles are drawn and placed on squares on the board. As the tiles are placed, islands develop on the board and players pay to place settlements, bases, or scouts on these islands in an effort to become the most powerful explorer.

Completed islands yield victory points to all who have invested in exploration on an island, but of course the most points go to the player who has established the strongest presence. This updated version adds a larger board, fees to enter from all but one edge of the board, a different income system, new bonus waterfall tiles, the ability to draw (for a price) from open stacks of tiles, and most of all an entirely new area of the board that represents scouts exploring jungles on the islands in search of exotic plants (this is the bonus discovery chip system revamped), and other changes.

Ian Pearson

The original was far better and a lot less complicated - the new 'huts' concept is a complete waste of time. I belive this was orginally called 'Entdecker II', it did not sell so it was then changed to 'Entdeker', completly forgetting about the original. I REALLY don't understand why they scapped the original, a quick , simple, entry game.

  • Rated this 3/10

James Graham

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