Archipelago (2012)

Players: 2 - 5
Playing time: 90 minutes

Data from BoardGameGeek
In Archipelago, players are Renaissance European powers competing in the exploration of a Carribean archipelago. They will explore territories, harvest resources, use those resources in markets both internal (for their use and that of the natives) and foreign (to sell it in Europe), build markets, harbors, cities and temples, and negotiate among themselves (and maybe betray each other) – all this to complete their secret objectives. They will also need to guess the secret objective of the other players to be able to benefit from them.

But players also need to be careful of the natives; if they make them too unhappy or if too many of them are unoccupied, they could revolt and declare independence. Then everyone will lose!

According to the author, what he's tried to create is a "German" economic worker-placement game, but without the two things he dislikes in them: the superficial theme and the lack of interaction. Indeed this game includes a very present theme and a lot of negotiation and potential backstabbing.

The game includes three sets of objectives, enabling players to choose between a short, medium and long game; a solo option will also be included.

Graham Charlton

  • Rated this 6/10

Alan Beaumont

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Vic Chatfield

  • Rated this 7/10

Phillip McCaughey

A semi co-op civ/trading game. Lots of really neat mechancis all tied together in a gorgeous looking game. Emphasis on the 'semi' in the co-op: this game gets cut throat! Amazing game with the right crowd. There are elements of the game that are balanced by the players and those players need to realise that the rebellion mechanism is essentially a catch up mechanic and not just a possible traitor mechanic.

  • Rated this 9/10
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Shane Lam

  • Rated this 3/10

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