At the AGM it was suggested that we try a Sunday gaming day.

Well folks, we have arranged it. Never again say that the committee never listens.

It does however mean that your end of the bargain is to turn up.


The place: The Old Finchleans

The Time:  2-10 (Sun 23/09/12)

The Food: A free barbeque (feel free to bring your own eats as well)

The Cost: £5.00 (members), £7.00 (non-members)


8 hours of playing games, eating and drinking.

  • Time to dust off that RPG scenario you wanted to do in one session.
  • Time to haul the long board game off the shelf – you know the one that you never quite get time to play.
  • Time to paint the miniatures maybe.

If it works, we will do it again.

Hosting kindly provided by Gotham Projects Ltd.