Date: Thu 8 March 2018
Host: Kristof Van der Auwera

Attending (3/6):
Jeff Mindlin
Kristof Van der Auwera
Peter Creme

Hosted by Chris Blower.

Out in the deep dark of space, though relatively close to humanity's ancestral home since humans are still exploring their own backyard, the Astra Incognita serves as the combined emergency services for the hardy settlers and adventurers seeking their fortune among the stars. Their officers work in small crews, roaming semi-independently among patrol routes that can span the entire solar system.

After difficult trade negotiations on behalf of the Ascension Foundation, the Crows welcome two new members to their ranks. To clinch the trade deal, they need to recapture an escaped criminal by the name of Max Overload (no relation to Officer High Octane), and return him to justice... after a brief stop over on this 'independent' station. Now nearly back to full strength, the Crows go all out in their search for the convict, deciding that a dawn raid on the hotal room of Captain York of the 'Earnest Trade' will likely net them some results. After all, had the man not tried to escape a customs inspection just weeks before? After a short display of (some would say abuse) of power, the Captain sings like, ironically, a canary.

The short hunt for Max Overload ends at the site of two derelict alien ships, where the Crows stop the criminals from leaving by the use of their patented Search Warrant (a modified plasma cutter). But when the air has finished rushing into space, they find that not all is as it seems, and Max Overload is being held hostage by the Guardians, religious zealots who have appointed themselves as the custodians of alien technology. Afraid that lesser humans would pollute the technology they are recovering, the leader of this band of Guardians decides to resist arrest...

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