Date: Thu 8 February 2018
Host: Kristof Van der Auwera

Attending (2/6):
Kristof Van der Auwera
Alex Espinosa

Humanity has spread to the stars. Not in sleek faster than light ships, not in giant colony arks, but in vessels built through human ingenuity, human grit and human force of will... with, perhaps, a few alien bits here and there. They went to explore the vastness of the cosmos; so far they have made it to the end of their own backyard and discovered some rocks.

The Astra Incognita serves as the combined emergency services for these intrepid explorers. At the same time first aiders, police and rescue crews, the Astra Incognita agents work semi-independent beats that can span from one end of the solar system to the next. Because space is vast and unforgiving, and many things lurk in the dark that seek to harm the unwary.

Having returned from their harrowing mission retrieving *DATA REDACTED*, the Crows have taken onboard a new pilot to replace *DATA REDACTED* after the *DATA REDACTED*. Their mission? Retrieve *DATA REDACTED* which were lost after *DATA REDACTED* and secure them for their rightful owners. With the Murder of Crows newly repaired and upgraded, the depleted squad sets out on the hunt.

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